WHO: This assessment instrument is for individuals that want feedback from their direct reports, colleagues/peers, and manager(s)/supervisor(s) regarding the extent to which they exhibit 42 specific leadership behaviors.
WHAT: It assesses the extent to which a person uses forty-two behaviors associated with performance management leadership. The behaviors are categorized into eight dimensions of performance management leadership. They include support and coaching, setting performance objectives and expectations, feedback, communication, monitoring performance, providing consequences based on performance, team empowerment, and accountability. There are an additional eleven statements included in the survey. The first two are for all feedback sources to assess their overall evaluation of the person being profiled. The remainder of the statements are for the direct reports and person being profiled to broadly assess their attitudes about the work environment.
WHERE: The feedback is collected via a web-based survey. Direct reports, colleagues/peers, and manager(s)/supervisor(s) complete confidential and anonymous surveys. The PMLS also includes a section in which respondents provide open-ended written feedback to three questions. Answers to these questions provide valuable qualitative feedback that goes beyond the confines of completing the quantitative evaluation of an individual's leadership behavior.
WHEN: Experience has proven that higher response rates are obtained when feedback sources are given one to two weeks to complete their surveys.
HOW: The data are compiled into a 360° Performance Management Leadership Survey Report once all surveys are received. Pages one through five of the report contain descriptive statistics on the self ratings and the various feedback sources' scores for each survey statement. Page six provides average scores for each of the eight leadership dimensions being evaluated. Page seven presents descriptive statistics for the two overall evaluation statements and the eleven employee work attitude statements. Page eight shows the number of respondents for each statement. The remainder of the report contains the feedback sources answers to the specific open-ended questions.


The Interpretative Guide is included as part of the PMLS survey report and is used to help individuals conduct a self-analysis of their performance management leadership strengths, development opportunities, and development needs. The process requires individuals to examine data and comments contained in their individual Performance Management Leadership Survey Report and then propose a Personal Development Plan for building their management skills. Organizations can then link this plan with other developmental activities or processes being undertaken.

The Interpretative Guide leads the profiled person through (1) a GAP analysis that compares self-ratings to ratings provided by other feedback sources and (2) an assessment of strengths, development opportunities, and development needs. It also contains recommendations for conducting an effective feedback meeting with those feedback sources who provided input into the process. The 360 Interpretative Guide contains an additional Scoring Graph that is used to graph feedback from the different sources.


The PMLS Roll-Up Report is an exceptional tool for groups, teams, departments, and entire organizations. It is produced by aggregating and compiling PMLS Survey results across organizational or functional levels, groups, teams, departments, or organizations. This enables different groups of employees to be viewed as a whole. In turn, this allows employees to benchmark themselves against the group, team, department, or entire organization. It also allows groups or teams to benchmark themselves against other internal groups or teams. Finally, Kinicki and Associates, Inc. can also provide benchmark data from firms in similar industries or across a diverse population of companies.

The PMLS Roll-Up can also be used as a performance management leadership needs analysis. It identifies performance management strengths, development opportunities, and development needs for the group, team, department, or organization being profiled. Performance management leadership training can then be targeted for those areas in need of development. Kinicki and Associates, Inc. can conduct this training for your organization.

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